about Am I an alcoholic?

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    The Midult

    Or are you over-thinking your drinking?


    an entire bottle of wine slipped down all too easily one day when on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed it but was a bit shocked that I could do that. I didn’t even have a hang over. I haven’t drank since as that scared me a bit x


    When my 4 children left home I had empty nest syndrome, menopause and depression, so yes I drank, heavily. Then I got a grip, retrained as a counselor, went to AA and life has never been better. 2 of my kids have come home, we are moving house, building a house on the beach. I’ve cut my long hair off and it’s so liberating. Short and blonde. I’m 57 and feel better than I did in my 20s.


    I drink four bottles of prosecco a week. Is that bad? I do worry it is but enjoy it too much. I’ve recovered from a life-threatening illness and need the break in the eve…


    I’m in an unhappy marriage with three children under 5 and working in a job I hate (lawyer.) I drink far too much and I now have pancreatitis. I think it’s a sign something has to give.

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