about How much do you self-diagnose?

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    The Midult

    Because who can ever get an appointment with their doctor these days…


    +OMG I self diagnose all the time, and have myself dead and buried for the simpliest thing


    I self-diagnosed myself as having ADHD, after my husband suggested it.

    Sadly, because I did it thoroughly, I was right!

    Sara C

    I do, or worse I Google all the side effects of any prescribed medicine to see how many I tick off, then fret about taking it…


    Seeing as this is now connected to Meds conversations…I think I hate Strattera. I have been taking it for 11 days and feel dizzy from 20 minutes after taking it until about 10 hours later but I can’t talk to my GP if this will pass because they refuse to get involved and trying to contact my Consultant reminds me of the SETI@home project!


    Well if I don’t who will? also if I don’t tell people my age I believe I’m getting younger!!

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