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It’s time for big girl pants

I don’t want to pull my socks up, get my act together or give myself a talking to. I don’t want to gird my loins, grit my teeth or suck it up. It’s all so cross and shaming. It’s all so ‘I’m not enough but I’ll fake it for as long as I have to’. Sometimes circumstances call for full focus and a drawing together of self. This requires carrot and not stick. This requires inspiration and not degradation. This requires… big girl pants.

There are times in life when we need to put our big girl pants on. To connect ourselves to the sisterhood through knowing that we have been through some murky stuff and there’s probably more in the post but we are one of the grown-ups. We handle things.

Big girl pants are a reminder that we are beautifully qualified, that imposter syndrome will take up no space in our heads; a signpost towards good sense, good humour and clear sightedness. Big girl pants are not the same as period pants (my period pants are older than most Millennials) but they are similarly comfortable because they are truly ours, truly deserved. Hard won. We don’t flounce in big girl pants; we don’t feel the need to make people sorry; we don’t create nutty narratives; we don’t tailor reality.

Big girls pants give us the armour to – as Simone de Beauvoir put it – coincide with ourselves. And this doesn’t tend to happen early in life. It happens when experience, potential and an ability to say ‘fuck it’ come together to form a unique wisdom.

So we have collaborated with cheekfrills to bring you Big Girl Pants. And I am wearing my big girl pants right now. They’re kind of sexy, to the right person. By now I know I’ll never be enough for the wrong person. And then my big girl pants will have gone to waste. Which would be a silly, silly waste – all things considered.

The Midult has collaborated with cheekfrills to bring you real, live Big Girl Pants and I’m a Midult pants too: The Midult X cheekfrills, £25 for a pack of two. Go to #biggirlpants

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