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So you thought you were bad with computers?

Technology oils the wheels of our life. Until it doesn’t. There you are brilliantly typing an incredible strategy document that will take your company to the next level, when suddenly the screen goes black or the wheel of death appears (why on earth is that little bastard so colourful? Like a symbol of hope?) and you start shouting, “No, no, why me?” and “Help!” and “Faaarkk”. And everything is frozen for a moment and then it is fine. But in that moment you really did not know what to do. And it reminds you of what it was like in the office in the 90s where you spent your life permanently on the phone to IT. And some part of you knew that they were laughing at you.

We found this thread on Reddit and it will remind you of all the pain and make you feel less alone in your luddite moments. It was started by a geek, obviously, who will probably inherit Earth:

What is the most unbelievable instance of “computer illiteracy” you’ve ever witnessed?

And here are a couple of the responses:

  • “My mom tried to download Uber and accidentally registered herself as a driver.”
  • “I work with a guy, who for two months and countless visits from our IT guy, claimed that his computer was still going slow. So the IT guy set a dead computer tower, which isn’t even plugged into anything, next to the one that he was using and now my co-worker says it goes twice as fast. [They call this the PC-bo effect].”
  • “A co-worker of mine knew how to use Excel, but nothing else. When he needed to type up a document, instead of opening up Word processor, he would open up Excel and just type his document into one cell that he enlarged to the size of a piece of A4.”
  • “Walked into my boss’ office and she was holding a magnifying glass to her computer screen.”
  • “Tried to teach my 89 year old grandmother the internet because I told her it had recipes on it. An hour and 30 minutes of my life I want back.”

So, be assured, that there are many people in this world with more computer literacy than you. But there are also one or two with less…

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