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Things women shouldn’t say to each other

Apparently there are at least five things you should never say to a younger woman. The list, according to Bustle, is indeed a catalogue of terrible womansplaining, passive aggression and muted disappointment. Which really begs the question: What kind of woman says this to another woman? So, girls, if someone spouts any of these at you, ignore. And if you notice these coming out of your mouth, edit. And edit hard.

  1. “You’ll want to settle down eventually”Really? Ditch the crystal ball and ask how you’d feel if a younger woman turned to your married self and said as breezily, “You’ll want to get divorced eventually.”
  2. “You’re just being too picky” – You know, Midults, that no one is single because they are too picky. It’s a terrible fallacy. And an evil piece of propaganda. Now shut TF up.
  3. When you get your life together, everything will fall into place”– What’s to say this isn’t her version of ‘together’? Anyway when did your life suddenly click into place and remain perfecto until the end of time? 
  4. “You’ll understand when you’re in a ‘real’ relationship” – What makes a real relationship? And “You’ll understand when…” only means, “You’ll agree with me when” and is therefore bossy not wise.
  5. “You say you don’t want kids now, but…” – … But what?

Here’s what we might say if we were asked to advise a younger woman:

  1. There is nothing casual about casual sex. It hurts. As long as you know that…
  2. There is no such thing as grown-up. Not now, not ever. And that’s OK.
  3. Men: If you are chasing him, it means he is running away. Terrible but true.
  4. Hangovers are just not that bad, so stop complaining about them. You wait.
  5. Promises are broken. It’s devastating but it’s life. Try to keep yours.
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