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Things I wish I’d known when I was 30

  1. There is nothing casual about casual sex. It hurts. As long as you know that…
  2. Settle for a job (easier to get a gig when you’ve got a gig) if you’re at a loose end but don’t settle for a man.
  3. Men: If you are chasing him, it means he is running away. Terrible but true.
  4. Tears are good for you. But if they don’t stop, you need to find help.
  5. Promises are broken. It’s devastating but it’s life. Try to keep yours.
  6. Heartbreak won’t kill or make you stronger.
  7. Getting your fertility checked is empowering. Knowledge is choices. Choices are freedom.
  8. There is no such thing as grown-up. Not now, not ever. And that’s OK.
  9. Hangovers are just not that bad, so stop complaining about them. You wait.
  10. Not having a mortgage is a good thing. Spend your money on stupid pointless things for yourself before it has go into stupid sensible things for other people.
  11. Take care of your skin, you fool. Factor 15 is not high enough. Use fake tan.
  12. If someone suggests you should all go out dancing, say yes. One day you’ll realise you stopped doing that sort of thing and you won’t know how it happened.
  13. Go on every date while it’s still all low stakes. Shag them, don’t shag them, never see them again – it doesn’t matter. Just remember that it doesn’t matter.
  14. Take more holidays. Go to far-flung places that might give you food poisoning. Sleep in not very good hotels and make friends with strange foreigners you meet on the beach. Even the bad experiences will make good stories.
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