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The screw it moment

In a week of anger and protests and choruses of disapproval and Brexit meaning Brexit, there was one incident that we all could hold on to. And no it’s not the news of Beyonce’s twins.

Seb Dance, a Labour MEP representative for London, annoyed at the airtime Nigel Farage was getting in the European Parliament (an entire three minutes), held up a handwritten sign behind him saying, “He’s lying to you.” Complete with a helpful arrow (see and enjoy above). He held it there until the Brussels heavies noticed and came. Long enough for it to go viral. Dance described it to The Guardian as his “screw-it moment”.

Yes, the screw-it moment. This we understand. It is not an inner resolution to behave differently because you have been pushed to the edge. Like the snap. Like when you quietly decide to end a relationship because someone has been mean to you, waiters, your mother and everyone. It is not the outrage mist as evidenced by the lady who called the police because she thought her dealer was overcharging.

The screw-it moment is not part of a bigger plan; it is adrenaline fuelled, acting out in its purest form. You may accept that your actions will have consequences but you just don’t care. It is the moment when you show that you have had enough. It is a glorious thing. Like the end of Thelma and Louise (without the dying). Like Jerry Maguire’s manifesto. Like King Lear running out into the storm. Listen, no one said the screw-it moment always leads to a happy ending. But it sure as hell scratches an itch.

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