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The only way is ethics

All those shouty young worthies preaching about ethical consumption and collaborative consumption and fair trade. A recent survey by Warwick Business School (WBS) appears to prove that they are all mouth no morals. Just as you should never trust a man who says ‘trust me’ so, it seems, you should exercise caution when assessing the intention of an earnest 20-something banging on about buying ethical goods. They recommend them to people but they don’t actually purchase them.

And the older shoppers? Those broadly closer to judgement day? Well they simply don’t give a shit. They buy what they know and what they trust. So the perception that younger people and elderly people are the responsible consumers is actually nonsense.

Guess who’s actually going to heaven? The Midults. Says Kevin Morrell, Professor and British Academy Mid-Career Fellow at WBS: “There is the perception that in general people become more ethical as they get older or that today’s young are more in tune with ethical buying and the environment. But we were surprised to find that it was the middle-aged who were the ethical shoppers.”

So we have small kids who might be the same age as the workers sewing clothes for various large shops. We love a bit of pick-and-mix karma because we really want the universe on our side in terms of cancer and the lottery and such. So where we might welcome placenta in a face cream we want our coffee end-to-end virginal and our eggs thoroughly fairytale.

In other news the survey also found that women are no more ethical than men. But no one here is claiming to be an angel.

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