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Sex: What’s it worth?

At a recent girls’ night out (Oh Lord, please can we think of another phrase? How about just dinner?) a group of laydeez were talking about how much sex they were having with their other halves (partner still feels like an awkward word – sorry). One woman smugly announced, “Every night actually.” The response was not what she expected. Instead of admiring glances and, “Wow you guys are still so hot for each other,” it was all, “Oh no, poor you,” accompanied by sympathetic head tilts. It rather took the wind out of her wassails.

Anyway it’s a knotty topic. Yes we know we should have lots of sex because we’ll live longer, remember more, feel better. But you know. Oh, YOU KNOW.

Well. What if we told you that a recent study decided to call time on the more sex = happier everybody theory. Three game scientists embarked on an odyssey that uncovered two unexpected things.

1) If you up your game and get out of your comfort zone (sofa, snack, yoga pants) and have sex once a week instead of once a month (yes…we see you…), it’s the equivalent of being given £40,000. Not in a prostitute way, in a happiness way. Sorry, what? £40,000. Like a £40,000 bonus. Or a £40,000 pay rise that you didn’t even have to ask/beg for. That’s like a posh new kitchen. Holidays for everyone all year. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Before you start thinking that if you have sex twice a week that’s a loft extension and maybe another week in Ibiza, hold your horses hot stuff. The second sextrodinary thing the study found was that for anything more frequent than weekly sex, the benefits seemed to tail off. Which is quite frankly a relief.

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