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Ever had a sex dream about a famous person?

Celebrity sex dreams are a mixed bag. One day you might get Tom Hardy (a good night for one Midult co-founder) or Donald Trump (a horror story of unimaginable proportions for the other Midult co-founder). But according to Jung, sex dreams are not about sex. Here are nine real Midult examples that we have analysed for your mental well-being.

1. Dream lover: George Michael

OK, so George Michael is gay and not interested in you. He is also recently deceased, so perhaps this is saying you must stop wasting time on fruitless tasks that will not bring you fulfilment. Like trying to fix your own broken dishwasher or agreeing you’ll meet someone for drinks after 9pm.

2. Dream lover: Will Smith

So that was fun! He made you laugh and you’ve woken feeling like the Fresh Princess OF THE WORLD. Back in reality, it’s more likely this happened because you listened to Meet David Sedaris on the radio before you went to bed and it somehow got translated into cheerful sex with someone funny in your brain so you could re-enjoy the experience.

3. Dream lover: Jennifer Lopez

Curve ball. That was unexpected (and unexpectedly good). This possibly means you need to spend more time with yourself. Stop neurotically looking at your phone or worrying about who will or won’t get your ironic posts on Instagram. Remember –you had value before other people’s ‘likes’. Also your bum is not that massive and you look great for your age.

4. Dream lover: Benedict Cumberbatch

So this is confusing because you felt he was genuinely in love with you. There was a real connection there. He has married the wrong woman and your life is ruined and – OK, so what is more likely to be happening here is that you tried on an item of clothing in a shop and it fitted you completely perfectly, but you were having a weird guilty moment and didn’t buy it. Now it’s sold out. This is a cruel lesson.

5. Dream lover: Idris Elba

You are a very well adjusted human who meditates, has a healthy income, a big house and a pension. You have the kind of brain that lets you have sex with Idris Elba. Your self-love is an example to us all.

6. Dream lover: Natalie Portman in full menacing Black Swan mode

You are going to a school reunion and are nervous about seeing the cool girl who was mean to you in Sixth Form, but who you still desperately want to like you.

7. Dream lover: Justin Trudeau

Try and go back to sleep, HURRY.

8. Dream lover: Cindy Crawford

You have probably just bought a new iPhone. It has no scratches on it. The screen is not cracked or covered in fingerprints. You just want to stare at it in all its flawless beauty.

9. Dream lover: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator

Your computer broke but someone came to mend it. Your joy at being back online is indescribable.

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