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Sayings we pray are true

Cliches – when they don’t irritate us – tend to make us feel better. Comforting in their familiarity.  We rely on them like… zebra crossings, in that everyone knows what they mean and there is a larger act of trust involved. But what if it’s all lies? Please let the below be true….

  1. It is what it is: Well what if it isn’t? What if it is something else entirely? Say a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Or a Greek bearing a gift? Perhaps it would be better to say ‘It could be what it might be.’ And then shrug.
  2. The universe will provide: What if it doesn’t? What if the universe leaves you out in the gutter of life like a single shoe?
  3. You only get given what you can handle: Thanks a lot, guys. I was kind of at capacity one migraine, one leaking roof and two bad boyfriends ago.
  4. Plenty more fish in the sea: What if someone got the last decent cod? And now they’re all gone. No more cod. Cod off.
  5. Lightning doesn’t strike twice: I think this has already been disproved.
  6. Karma will get him in the end: This has just better be true. Or I might turn into a crazed, revenge-obsessed nut job.
  7. You only live once: Thanks Buddha but please NOT again.
  8. This too will pass: Hopefully. But it’s also possible that we are probably always going to feel like this. Only slightly different day-to-day, hour-to-hour. Nuanced rather than transformed.
  9. It will be OK in the end: The end.
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