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Are you a procrastinator? You don’t have to answer right now

So far this morning, as well as ‘working’, I have watched a dentist singing about flossing to the tune of that Shape of You Ed Sheeran song (imagine) and tried to panic book a hair appointment, the roots situation being suddenly desperate.

All that distraction, all that delaying, also parading as multi-tasking, (#alternativefacts) is just pure procrastination, and most of the time nothing ends up getting done properly. It’s all a bit rushed. But procrastination is also dangerous. It may be killing us.

According to a study published in 2015 (we are only just getting round to talking about it), Bishop’s University explored the link between chronic procrastination and stress-related health issues. The study, as seen on Quartz, found significant links between endlessly putting off tasks and hypertension and heart disease: “Procrastinators experienced greater amounts of stress and were more likely to delay healthy activities, such as proper diet and exercise.”

We’ve all been there. HIIT workout or high-intensity tequila session? Followed by a stress-inducing, self-loathing cycle? And what about the usual humming background noise of  ‘I need to make a will/check my bank balance/organise an ISA/what is an ISA?/clear out my cupboards/change my energy provider because everyone else’s bills are so much cheaper but can I muster the energy?’ It’s exhausting, sleep-depriving stuff. An endless earworm of demands.

Clearly we can’t do everything (DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING?). But we are going to have to do something, or the stress of procrastination will get us in the end. You have to go La La La to the  paralysing anxiety, accept the monotony of the task and start somewhere. Tiny steps. Building blocks. Either that or early death. So that’s cheerful.

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