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Nothing to wear? Puffers

Are puffers in? And more to the point, do we care? Whatever the catwalk is decreeing (they were big on Balenciaga’s, should you be swayed by such things), the dog is decreeing that it wants to go on yet another freezing cold walk in the park, and if you don’t want to die of hypothermia, then a puffer it will have to be. Who knew that dogs needed walking every day? Sure, people CLAIMED they did, but you thought they were exaggerating. But anyway: Puffers. Wouldn’t the dog look cute in one? Maybe in navy? Or how about camo? Whoops. Sorry.

The leggier among you might want to go for one of those quasi-cropped ones (all that volume up top does wonders for slimming the legs) but for those of a more practical bent (or those with a dog), it should probably be something longer and more substantial. Only the techiest puffers (North Face, Patagonia et al) are any good in the rain, so rather than thinking of your purchase as a waterproof (buy, like, a waterproof for that), think of it as an electric blanket with a stylish edge. Which means: don’t rule out velvet, satin or other sexy fabrics when you shop. Who says puffers can’t be sexy?


marques almeida, expensive, puffer jacket, nothing to wear?, fashion, midult fashion, puffer coat, winter

Red is the high fashion choice, and this Marques Almeida number has all the right avant garde, skewiff credentials

Marques Almeida, Asymmetric Down Jacket, £835

Less Expensive

new look, less expensive, puffer jacket, winter coat, midult fashion, fashion, nothing to wear?

Knee-length, tactile, cosy, and in a navy velvet not dissimilar from Stella McCartney’s, only £££ cheaper

New Look, Blue Vanilla Navy Velvet Funnel Neck Puffer Jacket, £65

Really Not That Expensive

h and m, not expensive, puffer jacket, winter coat, nothing to wear?, midult fashion, fashion

Pink: so forgiving to the skin this month. Satin: kind of jazzy, and almost, dare we say it, spring-like. Best of all: it’s reduced

H&M, Padded Satin Jacket, £24.99

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