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Nothing to wear? The Power Skirt

Not all skirts are created equal. Fact. Some skirts are just frumpy old things that wouldn’t garner comment in a month of Sundays. Others are more… notable. More… powerful. More… now. The power skirt is one of the best trends of the season – “best” meaning “most useful”. How so? Because it does all the work for you, conferring instant seasonality. The power skirt says, “I am in charge of this outfit, and my owner is in charge of her life.” Yes, even if the dog weed on your shoe 30 minutes earlier.

If you want to own a power skirt, it cannot be denim. Or black. Well, black patent is allowed, but nothing dowdier. It has to stand out, and be the sort of skirt designed to attract praise, compliments and ‘Where did you get that?’s It can be mini, but we’d advocate a midi: more fabric = more impact.

The best thing about the power skirt? With so much going on downstairs (as it were), you need barely think about what to wear up top. Keep it simple: black poloneck, white T-shirt, grey crewneck. Done.


erdem, power skirt, expensive, nothing to wear?, midult fashion

No skirt is more powerful than Erdem’s floral jacquard. At that price, no wonder

Erdem, Tiana Matelassé A-Line Skirt, £1,340

Less Expensive

ted baker, power skirt, nothing to wear?, midult fashion, expensive

This peachy printed midi would work well with a simple black jumper

Ted Baker, Peach Blossom Wrap Skirt, £179

Really Not That Expensive

zara, power skirt, not expensive, nothing to wear?, midult fashion

The geometric print and languid shape screams “I’ve got this”

Zara, Geometric Midi Skirt, £29.99

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