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Nothing to wear? Midi skirts

Bored of every pair of trousers in your wardrobe? Us too. But what else to wear? Too cold to bare an ankle. Too cold to go out, actually, but until we get reincarnated as a dog then sleeping under the kitchen table is not an option. What we need is a non-draughty skirt. A cosy skirt. Does such a thing even exist? Why, yes. Yes it does. A warm round of applause for the midi skirt. By which we mean not a calf-length skirt but an almost floor-length skirt, substantial of girth and fabric. But hang on, you say. Won’t such a garment look really shit with my puny little tights-clad ankles peeping out from its hems? Because if you think I’m ditching tights already, you be insane. Stay calm. The trick is to wear your beautiful, capacious, cosy midi skirt with boots. Ta-da: nobody will even know you’ve got your tights on. Or your thermals. No judgement either way. All kinds of boots will work – knee-length, ankle-length, tread-soled, Victorian lace-up – just avoid shoes. Well, at least until it’s warm enough to ditch the tights. At which point, we’ll be wearing our midis with ankle socks. But maybe that’s just us.

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