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Nothing to wear? Meet the new jean

They looked OK last night. You’re fairly sure they looked OK the last time you wore them to the pub. Nobody gave you any strange looks – well, not any stranger than usual. But now, though – this morning, right here, live and direct from your own bedroom mirror – they most definitely do not look OK. They look shit.

That’s the thing with jeans – one minute, you’re cruising along in your favourite pair; the next, they look wrong in a million strange, unfathomable ways. Maybe it’s the cut. Maybe it’s the wash. Maybe it’s the rips – once so modeish, now just too Ayia Napa for comfort. The hard truth is that jean shapes change every season, sometimes incrementally, sometimes radically, but it behoves a woman to keep up. Especially if jeans are the lynch-pin of her life.

This season, it’s all about straight or wide-legged jeans that fall to the ankle, the better to show off your ankle boots/baseball boots/actual ankle, if it’s smooth (or hairy. Nothing wrong with ankle hair). The good news is that this is a much easier style to wear than skinny, or ripped, or even Mum, because it’s so straightforward. Basic, but in the best way.



jeans, nothing to wear?, expensive, the row, matches fashion

The Row, Ashland Low-Rise, Straight-Leg Jeans, £475

Less Expensive

jeans, nothing to wear?, less expensive, whistles

Whistles, High Waist Barrel Leg Jean, £95

Really Not That Expensive

jeans, topshop, not that expensive, nothing to wear?

Topshop, MOTO Vintage Blue Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, £40

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