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Think you’re controlling? You’ve got nothing on Karen Pence

It was recently revealed that Mike Pence won’t dine alone with any woman who isn’t his wife. So here’s what you need to know about Karen Pence, the Vice President’s gatekeeper, protector and perma-date.

Karen Pence, 57, was the First Lady of Indiana. A teacher, an artist and a small business owner. The business? Glad you asked. The company is called That’s My Towel and it sells towel charms to hook onto beach towels. So you know which is your towel. She was inspired by wine glass charms. Which you clip onto your rosé at parties so you don’t lose it. She is a Conservative, Evangelist, yada yada.

Anyway NYT reported this about the Pences during the election – my goodness does that seem far away:

They met when he was in law school at Indiana University. After they started dating, she bought a gold cross with the word “Yes” engraved on it, and kept it in her purse until he proposed.

See, this is a woman who not only knows where her towel is at all times but arms herself with a piece of jewellery that anticipates a proposal. This is clearly deeply controlling, crazily counting chickens and extremely risky, both socially and emotionally. And yet, Karen Pence, we are impressed with your confidence. It’s awe-inspiring. KP’s not going to lose her wine glass. She knows where her keys are at all times. She’s not going to leave her child in the pub – hey Mr Cameron. There will never be any room for failure. Gives you a glimpse into this particular marital dynamic, hey? Sends chills. He must be terrified of her. We are. Melania? Whatevs. Keep an eye on Karen.

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