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Mini Midult mood enhancers

  1. Things that come with chips. Without having to ask. ‘Oh I didn’t know this soup, salad, croissant came with chips. No it’s OK, you can leave them here.’
  2. Someone stops you in the street and asks you where you got your shoes/bag/dress from. So I am relevant after all? Swish.
  3. Also when you stop someone in the street and ask them where they got their dress from and they DON’T say, ‘A flea market in St Tropez/Topshop ten years ago/Chanel/I don’t remember [which is always a lie].’ Instead they say, ‘& Other Stories yesterday.’ Note this has only ever happened once.
  4. When you drop your phone and it bounces all the way down the stairs, as you watch in growing horror. Time may be in slo-mo but your brain is making a million terrible calculations. And then it somehow lands and everything is completely fine.
  5. You ask, ‘Can anyone else hear the ringing or is it me?’ And someone says, ‘Yes – I can hear the ringing. It is the telly.’ The relief is enormous. You don’t have late onset tinnitus from all the long ago clubbing or dementia.
  6. You go out, have a really fun, stimulating, relatively cheap dinner and are still in bed by 10pm.
  7. When there’s nothing to watch on TV and you are thinking that you’ll never watch anything again and suddenly someone tells you that Channel 4 has acquired The Handmaid’s Tale with that Mad Men/Top of The Lake lady and it’s showing later this month. True story.
  8. When you hear, ‘I thought that was your natural colour.’ So what if they’re lying. At this point, you’ll take it.
  9. When the computer freezes, the insanely cheerful wheel of death appears, it spins for a bit and then the computer unfreezes as if nothing had happened.
  10. When someone cancels you.
  11. The moment you get into an absurdly hot bath and you think yes I am going to stay here forever. (Obviously after 5 minutes you are sweating so much you have to get out).
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