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Six meditation apps – as recommended by Midults

Headspace: Incredibly perky but helpful app for beginners, with easy-to-handle 10 minute meditations to get you started.

Whil.: Don’t be put off by the annoying full-stop. This app features guided meditations according to your mood/emotional needs. Sample: ‘Let go of your expectations’. Handy.

Calm: music-based meditation app. Key word ‘Soothing’. If soothing freaks you out, move on…

The Mindfulness App: If this app was a human it would be a serious and kind one. Has great walking meditations so you can literally say ‘I am going for a walk’ and not be lying.

Oprah and Deepak’s 21-day meditation challenges: For you quietly competitive types who love a challenge; you prob need meditation. Join one for free, the next one starts on the 11th July. Register here:

Buddhify: Great if you are new to mindfulness. The guided meditation voice is not too annoying – it makes our Midult feel like she’s ‘been tucked up’.

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