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Lies: We just can’t help ourselves

When was the last time you lied? Yes, that was good for me. No, that dress looks great with those shoes. I am sorry I can’t make this dinner I have another thing, which I will think of in a second. I didn’t hear the phone. I feel fine. I am happy to see you. No, you’re not boring me. Yes, I slept like a log.

We all aspire to a truthful life. But sometimes… life gets in the way. Newsflash: Lying is normal. According to research from the University of Massachussetts as seen on Mental Floss, 60% of people can’t go ten minutes without lying. Ten minutes. And those 60% who lied did so two or three times within a ten-minute conversation. We just can’t bloody help it. But why?

Well, the research also threw up some interesting distinctions. Women are more likely to lie to make the person they are talking to feel good. GET US. Men are more likely to lie to make themselves feel better. Get them.

We are not trying to make you feel paranoid, or rather any more paranoid than you are already feeling – group hug. In this current climate of lies and more lies the truth feels very far away. And it is tempting to bend the truth to smoothe things over, to make someone feel better, to get a laugh or to win an election.

How to tell trustworthy from untrustworthy. Beware the self-proclaimed good guy. “You can trust me” always rings warning bells this end

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