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Let’s talk about meds

“So are you on Citalopram or Cipralex and how long do the side effects last and did the pills make you fat and did you get heart palpitations and how many milligrams?” This is a text, sent last week, from one Midult to another. Confidential style. “Well actually they’ve put me on something called Vortioxetine which is a kind of new gen Prozac and apparently it doesn’t mess with your sex drive although I’m not sure that’s enough of a boon to compensate for the nausea and insomnia. Hopefully it won’t make me put on a stone like the Citalopram did. I was thinking of white knuckling it for the summer and just banging the odd Beta Blocker when I felt really insane but I’m giving these a go for six weeks. Might as well,” came the lengthy reply.

The word ‘meds’, on text, autocorrects as ‘mess’. Which is obviously apt, because they are what you take when you are in one. A mess. A pickle. A heap. And once you know they know you know, they know you know they know you both know you are on them, it becomes an fertile furrow to plough. “I don’t think I am managing my reactions properly, so is it right to be on an SSRI or should I be on anti-anxiety meds?” Hmmm, interesting question. It gets quite cliquey, because bonding over drugs (“I’ve cut down to one 20mg a week which traditional medical wisdom would have you believe only offers a placebo effect but I swear it’s a mini-lifebuoy”) is more binding than bonding over kids. Because it dissolves the shame. And it’s completely compelling. Pill talk – the gift that keeps on giving…

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