Just because you are frightened…

Do you feel cowardly sometimes? A bit less than? As though, if you were more of a person, with more backbone, more guts, more soul, more power, you would be living a nobler life? A braver life?

Do you feel frightened? Often? As though bad things are in the post? As though you don’t have the wherewithal, the emotional muscle, the faith to carry on?

Let me tell you something now and forever: just because you are frightened, doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. You are truly brave. The more fearful you feel, the more heroic you are. You are carrying on. You are doing the best you can with the information you have at the time.

Even admitting to feeling scared is brave. At least you’re feeling the feelings. We are at our worst when we try to power through, jet-propelled by grim determination and denial. Do that and you run out of road in the end. Do that and you stop blooming and start calcifying. Do that and you deny yourself the chance of any solace.

Fear is a message indicating danger. If you are too afraid, if the world is closing in on you and doors feel as though they are closing then the terror is a helpful indication that you need some help.

Never be ashamed of being frightened. Shame is the enemy of growth and remember too that shame cannot survive being spoken. Tell someone that you are panicking. They are probably panicking too. We are all fucking panicking. It’s one of the reasons that we are wonder women.

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