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I’m more sensitive than you

Me: The thing is, I’m pretty sensitive.

You: I’m pretty sensitive too.

Me: Like, REALLY sensitive.

You: I’m so sensitive

Me: Literally everything makes me cry.

You: This is making me upset just talking about it.

Me: I mean, I could never watch Stranger Things or anything because I would find it too shocking.

You: I can’t even say the words ‘Stranger Things’ without having a breakdown.

Me: Even the idea of, say, watching the news is just….

You: If I ever watched the news, I think I would genuinely die.

Me: OMG, those vet programmes…

You: I’m actually tearing up.

Me: I accidentally saw one episode where they injected this snake called Margaret and I cried and cried.

You: I’m going now. I’M GOING.

Me: Poor, poor Margaret.


Me: Why do animals have to suffer?

You: OK, you might as well be repeatedly stabbing my chest cavity open with a butter knife, that’s how much pain I’m in right now.

Me: I wish I were less sensitive. I wish I felt LESS, you know?

You: I wish I loved less. I just love so much.

Me: I have so much love that I’m surprised I am able to even breathe.

You: The love I feel for others is almost barbaric in its extremeness.

Me: I mean, I hate how much I love.

You: I have so much love it has ruined my whole life.

Me: I feel so isolated by my sensitivity.

You: I literally have no friends because I’m too sensitive.

Me: Like, I mind about EVERYTHING.

You: If I minded more about things, I would be sectioned.

Me: I actually feel envious of people less sensitive than me.

You: I mean, I’m envious of you.

Me: Errr….I don’t think you would be if you were inside my head.

You: I can imagine myself inside your head. Because I’m so sensitive.

Me: Right. OK – so what am I thinking of right this second?

You: You know… something sad.

Me: WRONG.  I was thinking of a sunset. Which made me feel gratitude, actually.

You: (crying)

Me: Yes, I was about to cry too.

You: (still crying) Sorry, I can’t… (flaps hands in front of face)

Me: (also crying) I know, I know.

You: It’s just… you know?

Me: I really do.

You: Do you though?

Me: More than you’ll ever know.

You: I knew you’d say that. I’m very sensitive to what people are going to say.

Me: (thinking) Oh, shut up.

You: (thinking) What an insensitive bitch.

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