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How to make contact

It’s party season. You’ve met someone you connected with. And then you panicked and ran away without swapping numbers or establishing any kind of plan. You are 80% sure that he felt the connection too. There are two things you need to know here. It’s one thing saying that the universe will provide and you should leave these things to fate. It’s another thing to be a Midult and remember that fate may not have your mobile number.

Here’s how to make contact:

1. Calm down. There’s nothing at stake yet. You are perfectly safe.

2. Ask a witness if it was just you. Were you chasing him round the dance floor/pub? Was he materialising at your side every five seconds? This needs to be a witness you trust. Not a friend who loves a bit of drama.

3. Wrestle his number off a mutual friend/the internet/a private detective. Avoid messaging on social media. At all costs. It’s just murky.

You now have two choices. Either make like you are 15 and get someone to organise a games night/dinner/gathering and ensure he is invited. Or text him yourself and say something like: “Hello X. This is Y.” (There is no need to say “from the other night.” If he says “Who?” the connection was in your head or he is a bit of dick. Either way better to know now.)

To carry on… “Hello X. This is Y. It was great to meet you the other night x” (Yes with a kiss)

You don’t need to suggest a meeting or do anything else at all. You’ve very firmly taken the bull by the horns but now you are putting the ball back in the bull’s court. Simple. Direct. Now forget about it. Ha!

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