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“How do you feel about renting?”

  1. “My dolls just don’t want to move. I’ve tried telling them but *shrugs resignedly*”
  2. ‘‘’I feel terrified, thanks for reminding me’ – is what an insecure person, who is in no way like me, might say.”
  3. I can’t commit to choosing a husband, let alone buying an actual house.”
  4. “But what if I bought a house and it was haunted and I was pestered to the point of lunacy by night demons and I died, terrified, under the stairs and no one found me for three weeks? “
  5. “I like keeping my options open. I *may* for example, want to become a professional wrestler or a travelling salesman, both of which would require extensive time away from home.”
  6. “I don’t have any money to buy a house, I keep spending it all on freezing my eggs.”
  7. “Sorry, I thought you were going to ask me something interesting like, ‘In a game of shag/marry/push over a cliff, please place the following: Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn and the annoying one from Poldark who married Elizabeth.'”
  8. “Who would give a mortgage to someone who cries every time they listen to Sign of the Times by Harry Styles? (start crying) He’s just so good.”
  9. “Wait. What? You mean all that money I’ve been paying all these years means I don’t get to keep it at the end? Like an iPhone or a car? WHAT IS THIS?”
  10. “At least I get to say this hideous carpet isn’t my choice. What’s your excuse?
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