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How to have an argument when you know you’re right

How good are you at arguing? Presumably, as you are, like us, living in the ‘time-poor/cash-strapped/why is everyone so leisurely’ rush hour of our lives, you like your debates short and sweet. Rather than in the realms of EU debates. Or those American filibusters. Put it this way, anything that involves loo breaks is too long.

And this is especially true when you are right. You are probably always right.

So you will like this from Business Insider. Here’s Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy’s advice on how to argue when you know you’re right:

Don’t try to convince the other person you are right. EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE RIGHT.

The best thing to do when you’re in position of power is to listen. YOU HAVE THE POWER BY VIRTUE OF BEING RIGHT.

You are powerful when present, in control and in the moment. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU ARE RIGHT.

Give the other person the chance to speak their side. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT.

This will allow them to feel like they are being heard. THOUGH THE FACT REMAINS: STILL RIGHT.

Listen closely and find out why the person is really upset. THEY MAY BE UPSET BECAUSE THEY ARE WRONG. AND YOU ARE RIGHT.

You might be surprised what’s really bothering them and gain new insight into your relationship. HANG ON, WEREN’T WE TALKING ABOUT YOU BEING RIGHT?

No one said it was easy to be right. But actually this should be the perfect opportunity for a bit of mental relaxation, a little meditation. Because you are right. Right?

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