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Holiday crushes

The watersports guys

Suddenly you are all about paddle boarding. The highlight of your day is asking the watersports guy if they have any slots available (also weed but that’s another story). Paddleboarding makes you feel like a warrior queen. Even though you can’t turn and so just have to go one direction. Maybe then you can be rescued. By the tanned, tattooed, pierced, stoned watersports boys. You worry you are a bad feminist.

The resort gardener

This is probably just a holiday job. He’s probably just a student. But gosh, does he know his way around a lawnmower. You become transfixed with his hands in the earth, helping nurture new life. Rough – and yet, gentle. Sensitive, almost. He’d forget to water the basil plant.

The waiter

You go to the same restaurant every night and the same waiter has started to give you that same table you like. He knows you want a dirty martini before you even say it. He’s becoming flirtatious in his familiarity. When he brings you the watermelon sorbet without you even asking and then leans in to whisper that it’s on the house, you feel like he sees the real you.

The tennis instructor

It’s hard not to form a huge crush on a man with such evenly tanned legs. He’s so relaxed and healthy. He doesn’t get cross with you when you repeatedly serve into the net. On the contrary. He just stares at you closely, suggesting you arch your back more after you throw the ball up in the air. And he praises you constantly. He can keep going for hours, all the while barely breaking a sweat.

The local fisherman

He sports a thick beard, speaks no English, always has a wizened rollie dangling from his lips and even shouted at you incomprehensibly for feeding churros to the gulls. He’s grumpy. But he’s always up early and he knows the sea. The way he hauls on those nets… his upper body strength is so impressive…

The Manny

Such positive energy for a law student. And he brought his guitar with him. Thank God he hasn’t played it because that’s always a bit clenchy, but sweet that he’s got it. You have such a proper laugh together. He clearly doesn’t think of you as a boring grown-up. You start to wonder if you might be girlfriend material.

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