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Happy people are weirdos

You may know an oppressively cheerful person. You may, in fact, be an oppressively cheerful person. I am. Very. I pride myself on being delighted with life, and saying hello to everyone, stopping for a cheerful chat, and thanking the bus driver. I am practically skipping as I write this. But it turns out that oppressively cheerful people like me are weirdos. And it also turns out that the ‘normal’ folk are more likely to take advantage. Because they think I am naive. Or just a bit thick.

A recent study, in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, published on The Science of Us, found that people are more inclined to try to get one over on super-happy people.

Even the happiest things fade. A wedding, a new baby, lottery win – it all gets ‘blah’ eventually. And in this current climate, being cheery all the time is actually an abomination, right? Because it should be impossible to be relentlessly perky in the face of this wall of shit. (Nice image – ed).

So if you are going to carry the happiness torch around with you at all times then you have got to be pretty tough about things. That’s an odd combo – joy-filled lunatic and backbone of steel. You have to be able to withstand the people taking the mickey and trying to rob you blind. Maybe there is a hidden determined-ness to cling on to ‘happy’. Maybe, just maybe, happy people are winning. The happy race.

Because you might be thinking that I am mentally subnormal. But I am smiling. Are you?

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