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Guess the film

  1. Farm boy becomes obsessed with hermit, who begins to indoctrinate him into a mysterious cult. He wants to kill his father, but fancies his sister and ends up murdering thousands of people when he blows up their place of work.
    = Star Wars
  2. A girl totally changes her personality, appearance, behaviour and takes up smoking to please a boy.
    = Grease
  3. Girl develops Stockholm Syndrome for her captor of a bestial nature, talks to the furniture and performs magic tricks with bodily fluid.
    = Beauty and the Beast
  4. A group of small hairy boys with huge feet walk for a really long time to get rid of a piece of jewellery that makes people behave very badly.
    = Lord of the Rings
  5. Marauding university teacher loots religious artefacts whilst continuously wearing a hat.
    = Raiders of the Lost Ark
  6. Unremarkable girl is continuously fought over by a sparkly living corpse and an oversized dog before giving birth to a parasite that kills her until she is brought back to life by having poison orally injected into her body.
    = Twilight Saga
  7. Boy shags his future mother-in-law, lies to his future wife and wrecks her wedding.
    = The Graduate
  8. Fish’s natural survival instinct results in its persecution and violent death.
    = Jaws
  9. Girl cheats on future husband with boy she just met and then murders him.
    = Titanic
  10. Billionaire likes to wear rubber and put on a silly voice and drive around in a stupid hairdresser’s car breaking the speed limit.
    = Batman
  11. Man finds life as a woman significantly more fulfilling and reaches levels of fame he didn’t know were possible before becoming an unsuccessful man again.
    = Tootsie
  12. Disabled insomniac has his relationship saved by his neighbour cutting up his wife.
    = Rear Window
  13. Men with fake names argue about Madonna.
    = Reservoir Dogs
  14. Man dumps girlfriend at airport.
    = Casablanca
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