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Five reasons to get your hormones checked

The symptoms of hormone imbalance are fairly everyday. Which makes diagnosis tricky. Exhaustion – do I blame hormones or anxiety? Anxiety – do I blame hormones or life? Brain fog – do I blame hormones or the tequila? Squidgy round the middle? Do I blame hormones or Deliveroo? Hormones can’t claim sole ownership for everything that’s not right, but a blood test to check your levels is the only way to know for sure.

  1. If you were really on it *hollow laugh* you’d get your hormones checked in your 20s. In the second week of your cycle when things are balanced. Then when you approach peri-menopause in your 40s, oestrogen withdrawals and all, you have a road map for the ‘good ole day’ levels and you’ll know your baseline and what your system can tolerate.
  2. If you feel OK in the first two weeks of your cycle and debilitated in the second two THAT IS NOT OK.
  3. Specifically: If you’re under 35 with severe PMS; or 35-45 and experiencing changes to your emotional wellbeing or libido; or 50ish and have fluctuating or problem periods, you’d do well to get them checked as all of these can possibly be caused by ratios in hormones.
  4. More generally, it’s worth having a closer look if you suffer from any of these symptoms:
  5. Keep an eye on your mental state. If you are panicky or cast very low, the answer isn’t always anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs – useful though they are.

Any change in the day to day that sticks around is a signpost. Your doctor will probably check your blood pressure, your iron and possibly your thyroid function but, these days, we should make it our business to request a full hormonal profile if and when things seem… odd. Or just to know where you stand. Knowledge is power.

With thanks to the amazing Dr Martin Galy at 23MD

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