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Five mantras for Midults

Affirmations can be tough going. Chanting, “The universe will bring me what I need” while deranged with panic is not always… immediately helpful. We, instead, are trying, miditations. Just to get us through the night:

Idiots happen
You can’t hate everyone annoying because you end up toxifying your soul. You don’t have to love them either. Dickheads off a duck’s back, basically. Energy is finite; don’t waste yours…

I am dynamic. I am invincible. I am exhausted
For those days when you have done all the paperwork, made the bed, sewn on a button, given a talk, delivered a report, had six fights (three of them in your head) and now you are just going to order a Deliveroo and eat it in the bath.

Don’t set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm
Of course I can be funny, brilliant, kind, sexy, tend to your every need… oh no hold on, I am combusting. And I seem to be the only one bringing anything to the party. Go away.

Onwards and sideways
Static is no good. Rut is bad. But sometimes we go wonky before we soar. Momentum is the thing; measured momentum. Understanding that life is made up of many chapters and that this will not be the one to derail you. That is not an option. Gently does it.

Time for Big Girl Pants
Because there are times in life when we need to put our Big Girl Pants on. To connect ourselves to the sisterhood through knowing that we have been through some murky stuff, and yes, there’s probably more in the post but we are one of the grown-ups. We handle things.

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