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The eggscalator, part 4: Fertility tech goes real time

When Apple first developed the health app that automatically sits on your iPhone (take a look – it’s there) it included heart rate and exercise goals and body measurements and nutrition and sleep and vital signs but it ‘forgot’ to make any provision for a woman’s cycle. Nothing about periods. Not a Scooby. Nada. They blushed and sorted this out but still it was interesting (said slowly while stroking chin). Since that lapse, there have been great strides in the ability and the desire to track womany activity, as the fertility industry works towards helping women get pregnant.

So now, ta-da, there’s a Fitbit for fertility and it’s rather wonderful. The Ava wearable has just been approved by the US FDA and will hopefully be crossing the pond soon. It’s an armband that you wear only while you are sleeping, which is a boon. It tracks nine different shifts in the body that occur during fertility hotspots, including pulse, breathing, movement and skin temperature.

And according to its makers (who are – naturally – 70% women) it can tell you when you are at peak fertility in real time. At a clinical study at the University of Zurich, Ava was shown to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days a month, and have an accuracy rate of 89 percent. Eggsciting.

Who is this fertility phenomenon aimed at? Well the Swiss start-up says it might be most useful for geriatric mothers-to-be: i.e. anyone over the age of 35 (oof!), according to the NHS. Yes it is Midults who are the target, as tracking our cycles with this intesity will hopefully yield better results and less panic and mystery and misery. It’s an early step on the eggscalator but every little shuffle counts…

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