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Feeling shifty

Anyone else feeling a bit shifty? A little need-to-know-basis? Slightly secretive? Faintly, ‘You may or may not have the right to know precisely where I am or what I am up to’. Because the thing about being a grown-up is that everything is supposed to be above board. Oh we all now about secret shame that ranges from vicious self-loathing to bad taste in music. But what about secret joy? If you are single then there’s the sex that absolutely no one knows about – apart from the other… ummm… stake-holder? And the secret sleeps. Oh yes, I am working from home today. Very hard. All day.

Then there’s the shifty shopping which has nothing to do with over-spending and the naff and well-trodden idea that we might have to hide the bags from some head-of-the-household. No, no, no, the best shifty shopping is when you just meander about picking things up and putting them down again; sniffing some things and fingering others.

Or perhaps you feel shifty because there is a sense that something unexpected is about to happen. And you fucking welcome it. And the fear and anxiety has… well… shifted for long enough to welcome that spice into your life. People think they have the right to know the source of your shiftiness. They do not. Deny everything. Nothing to see here. Move along please. So annoying.

Anyway, it’s not just for teenage boys and their crispy tissues. Shifty can be harnessed and ridden and, guess what? A little bit of shifty can make you twinkle. You may not have a secret, but in this mood you’ll make some… Do it.

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