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Fashion: We dare you to double print

We know the fear. The fear is clear. The fear is… sofa. The fear is soft furnishings and busy, busy, busy, bustling curtain woman. All of this has its roots in our shared fashion sensibility; that unnerving ‘Is it going around or coming around?’ dizziness that happens once you have been through a few cycles of things staging comebacks.

But we are here to say, “Do not be afeared of the double print. It is your friend.” This is not about a printed dress; it is about separates in the same print, worn together. If you are brave you can put clashing prints together. After all, a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day.

Anyway, two pieces, one print and – this summer at least – try a micro-floral. They are everywhere from high fashion to lowly chain and they have less risk attached than a big, blousy number. A nice pyjama-y head to toe is truly glamorous as long as you don’t have a big bust that will make you look like an unhinged landlady. In which case there is the marriage of print top and skirt available to you. Belt or no belt, that is the question. Probably no belt is the answer because the print is already breaking you up so why cut yourself in half? Shortening.

Here is the genius. Apart from looking like you’re actually in the fashion game rather than sweating on the sidelines, you now have an ‘outfit’. Just like that. Done. Off you go. And when the double print leaves the fashion building then your tops and bottoms simply get divorced and start sleeping with jeans and white shirts. This is just end-to-end good news.

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