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Have you fallen down the orgasm gap?

Me: Have you heard about The Golden Trio?

Co-worker: *looks up from computer slightly annoyed as is working* What’s the Golden Trio?

Me: It’s the holy grail of moves for women to actually have orgasms with their sexual partner IN THE SAME ROOM. Because new research suggests that a combination of genital stimulation, deep kissing and oral sex is the “Golden Trio”.

Co-worker: *stares at me*

Me: *stares back*

Co-worker: *has been thinking* But isn’t oral sex genital stimulation?

Me: And how can you deep kiss someone during oral sex?

Co-worker: Maybe it’s what needs to happen during *does big global circular arm movement* the entire ‘session’.

Me: *nods knowingly*

We are having this conversation because the latest statistics have revealed that straight women sit at the bottom of the orgasm pile. There’s an orgasm gap and we have fallen way, way, way down it like Alice down the rabbit hole but there is no wonderland waiting for us down there. According to the report conducted by David Frederick, and his team at Chapman University, who painstakingly talked to 52,000 people of all sorts of sexual orientation, 95% of heterosexual men usually orgasmed during sexually intimate moments, but just 65% of heterosexual women did. The percentage was 89% for gay men, 86% for lesbian women, 88% for bisexual men and 66% for bisexual women.

So there are multiple orgasm (sorry) gaps out there. Hence the researchers thoughtfully sketching out the Golden Trio. Which sounds like a biscuit. So now I am confused, apparently orgasmless, and hungry.

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