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Do you dare say you’re OK?

How are you? That is an actual question. So – here’s another question – if things are really, almost incomparably excellent, dare you voice that? Let’s take some for instances:

Me three days ago: “Well, since you ask, I feel really happy because I’m finally getting properly fit. I really blew it out the water at the gym this morning and I think my jeans are looser.”

Me today: “Jeans don’t do up and I find I can hardly swim a single length without virtually sinking to the bottom of the pool, weighed down with ennui and wasting muscles.”

Me yesterday: “You know, I quite like my hair at the moment. It’s kind of working. Maybe it’s the colour because that curious orange tinge for decades of bleaching seems to have subsided and it feels so great!”

Me this morning: “I could not hate my hair more. I suddenly have a huge grey patch and frizzy yellow ends and it’s all limp and yet also kinky in a not good way.”

Me at the beginning of last weekend: “I think I may have finally got my anxiety under control.”

Me in the middle of last weekend (to myself): “This is the closest thing to a panic attack I have had in three years. My brain is shouting at me and I don’t think I can do my job and what the fuck is happening?”

Odd and annoying how that happens. But here’s the thing to understand. Enjoy the high times. The low times will surely come and go but do not compromise the sunshine by anticipating the shadows. How are you? Are you great? For once? Just simply fucking happy and well and up? Tell the world, if you feel like it. There’s loads of time to be a moaning Minnie…

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