FINE, fine not fine, acronyms for fine, how are you?

All the different kinds of FINE

How are you? Fine? Us too. Always fine. If fine is in fact an acronym, such as…

Fucking Insane Not Eating

This is a bad one, when the voices in your head are really drowning out any common sense… maybe it’s because you are on a pre-Christmas diet and are only eating broccoli. Which makes you unpredictable and totally mad.

Freaked-out Ill Neurotic Emotional

Oh no, you have a cold. Oh no, will it turn into flu? You can’t afford to be ill. Feel vulnerable *starts crying* Might never stop.

Fantastic Irreplaceable Needed Enough

You are enough. Good enough. More than enough. Hell, you are essential. These fine days don’t happen often but when they do grab every opportunity, return every phone call, talk to anyone you can because, you are on fire.

Frightened Insecure Nervous Exhausted

You are reading a thriller and it’s keeping you up at night, and it’s 4am and you are hearing strange footsteps and why did you say that to that person anyway and what is that creak and isn’t it weird that rustling and you don’t sleep.

Flat Itchy Numb Efficient

Everything about today is a bit ‘meh’. And you are uncomfortable and scratchy, and that would be annoying except you are a bit nothing. Nothingy. And so you knuckle down and get stuff done. All the stuff. Done. Whatevs.

Fucking Incapable of Normal Expression

“How are you?” someone asks and in your head it comes out as ‘GAAAAAATAXHHHHHORMONESRRRRHHHHSTUCKFORVERINTHISHELLISHMOODIIIIIIIHELP’ but, luckily, to your interlocutor it just sounds like “Fine”.

Friendly Interested Nice Enthusiastic

This is a different rainbow for you, a happy one, a united one, you are approachable, easy, your best beta self. You love this you. Except is it really you? Where is the real you?

Fearful Isolated Neutral Edgy

Are you going to be alone forever? Stuck in this weird gear. Restless. Does anyone even care? Do you even care?

Frenzied Incandescent Nuclear Effective

In this mood you are best avoided and YET so staggeringly on it that despite your grim personality everyone realises that they should harness you, plug you and your horribleness into the mainframe and power the world. Send you out to have all the fights and get everything shipshape. You are awful and brilliant. Terrifying.

Fast Impressive Naughty Easygoing

So nimble, you could turn the Titanic. And cheeky, a delight, look at you so relaxed. Are you meditating? What’s your secret? No really, please tell us…

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