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Cheer for beer!

Beer is not necessarily blokey. Yes, it’s fattening and yes it makes you pee, but what exactly is so indelicate about it? Why the judgement? I’ve discovered beer recently and it is hugely useful.

Firstly, it is a thirst quencher so you don’t need quite as many bottles of beer as you do vodka and tonics. Secondly it kind of rehydrates you as you go along so the hangovers are a fraction of the torture of a wine hangover. Wine: We can’t really handle it, can we? Maybe French women can, or Italian sirens, but British birds get all witchy and unsteady on more than a couple of glasses. If men get beer goggles, then women get wine spectacles: We are FAR more likely to shag the wrong bloke or start a fight on wine than on beer. Far more likely to fall over or hit someone on wine that beer. Ugh, the dreaded grape.

And if beer is not enough of a roller-coaster for you, add in a couple of shots of tequila. No harm done, just a buzzy, dance-y little high. Whoop, whoop.

And you know that pre-party drink you sometimes have? The one while you are getting ready? Well, you think it doesn’t count but it does, and it is often the one that tips you over the edge later. Not so with beer. Beer is a warm-up rather than a blast off. So let women drink beer now and again. Stop giving us the side-eye. It is for the greater good.

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