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Berocca pee and other things to love about Autumn

Yesterday I took four Beroccas. Partly because I was surrounded by snotty, streaming wrecks and who has time to get ill? But partly because Berocca pee is a genuine little joy. Unlike beetroot which screams, “Haemorrhage?” and asparagus pee which gives little pleasure to anyone.

Berocca pee brightens the day. Off you go, down you sit, and suddenly… neon. Luminous. Otherworldly. Alien. Thrilling. And secret. I mean, you are unlikely (unless in trusted company) to leap out of the loo shouting, “Oh, the joy of Berocca pee. So radiant! So life-affirming! So me!”

Here are 12 other things we love about Autumn:

  1. Hand cream and lip balm strategically placed by the sofa, in the car, in the coat pocket, by the bed, in the kitchen…
  2. Deep-fried everything
  3. Letting feet go gnarly and goat-herdy
  4. Similarly, bush
  5. Saying no to a walk because it’s raining
  6. Saying no to a walk because it’s dark
  7. In fact, darkness
  8. ‘Trick or treat?” as a sex question
  9. The glamour of sunglasses and an overcoat
  10. Morning sex in the pitch black – so relaxing
  11. Denim jumpsuits (Carhartt, namely)
  12. Hot water bottles that migrate around the house with us like dogs
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