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Beauty School Dropout: The Lying Down Club

Have you heard about The Lying Down Club? You can thank us later, when you’ve had a beautiful sleep in John Lewis’s temporarily transformed bed department. For two evenings in late November The Lying Down Club launches in a fantasy dormitory at the famous Oxford Street department store and it’s nap-central. Linen porn. Noise-cancelling headphones. Bit of a head massage. Some Virtual Reality goggles to transport you to the Maldives. And Bobbi Brown make-up artists to piece you back together again before you leave. Or they’ll just leave you the hell alone to snooze. To grab a bit of space. To snuggle. Oh and Beauty School Dropout will be there for chats.

When Beauty School Dropout is tired, she doesn’t look tragic and wan, she looks decrepit and deranged. But how to catch up? How to find the energy to do the working, the friending, the human-being-ing? Seize every napportunity, that’s how. Tell your boss you’re at the gynaecologist and your partner you’re on a conference call and go to bed. Or tell no one nothing. It’s none of their business. Lights out at 6:30. And… breathe.

6-8pm on 28th and 29th November, £15 for a double bed 

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