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Are you in ‘FUCK OFF’ mode?

Meryl Streep is in Fuck Off mode. Fuck off Trump. Fuck off Karl. Don’t fuck with me… And isn’t it a thrill? When someone who has hitherto proved themselves to be an utter mensch, switched mode from Benign to Fuck Off. It’ll be Dame Judi next.

Fuck Off mode is basically Activist mode, but the worthiness extracted with a syringe. It is when you say ‘enough’. And then you like it. So you keep saying it. And – maybe – you realise that no more Mrs Nice Guy rather suits you. In fact it’s a whole new you. Or, at least, an externalisation of who you truly are. Or who you have become.

Fuck Off mode chimes with Midulthood. It isn’t some kind of foot stamping, know-it-all flounce. It’s a seasoned view of injustice, or untruth or cruelty combined with a certain surefootedness a million miles from the arrogance of youth. It’s empathy blended with power. It’s the more we learn, the less we know. It’s having the courage to change the things we can. It’s knowing that doing something means something. It’s no longer standing idly by shaking our heads.

Fuck Off mode has no hysteria, no personal ambition – the button is pressed and cannot be un-pressed. It unleashes… belief. There is a sudden clarity; an understating that values matter. Whether you are groped or ignored or abused or disrespected or lied about. Fuck Off mode takes no prisoners. Fuck Off mode has value. Make like Meryl. Let it begin with you. And, if they don’t like it, they know what they can do…

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