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Are you a holiday-hoarder?

I have not had a holiday yet this year, nor do I have one planned. I feel very good about this. Very safe. Because I am hoarding my holidays and so they are all there for the taking. I am the kind of person who looks at a full bottle of shampoo and thinks, “Soon it will be empty”; who looks at a summer sky and thinks, “Soon it will be winter.” And so, holidays taken feel like holidays lost and then the world seems to close in on me because there is no longer any… possibility available.

And holidays are stressful. I know a few people who never take them because of the crunched-up thing that happens just before you leave whereby stress builds and a kind of psychological sense of defeat and exhaustion steps in as you prepare to just… stop. And nothing gets done so you end up working through the holiday. Combine this with the vicious post-holiday blues that strike as you return and why would you even bother?

My ideal scenarios would be to work all year, take the month off in December and come back to a full holiday allowance for the following year. But employers don’t like this. And once you start working for yourself? Well, time is money. But burn-out is money too. So, I tell myself, take your holiday. No one will thank you if you don’t. But isn’t it nice to know that you’ve still got some kind of credit left in life? That you’re in the black? For once.

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