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Anxiety: Where do you feel your worry?

Where does your worry grab you? That twitching, tightening, sick-making feeling that wraps itself around your…what?

Throat: makes you want to clear it and clear and clear it. Like you are continually making a point but there is no point to make except that you are PANICKING about something. You might stick your chin out and move it in strange mad-woman circles to try to release not sure what from not sure where.

Belly: this is the gut-feeling. It’s rarely good. A good gut feeling is actually no gut feeling. No inner siren of terror that grabs and gnaws like a rat while you try to pretend that there is nothing to see here. Maybe you tell a joke. Perhaps you say very serious things in a meeting. Conceivably you dance around with your children singing and beaming while something feels really, very wrong. Is it a logical conclusion and one to be heeded? Is it an illogical conclusion and best put down to out-of-control anxiety? Please someone make me feel safe.

Solar plexus: Like a harness getting snugger and snugger. Pulling down and in and acting like a great chamber to echo the drumming of your thrumming heart. This is misery anxiety. Self-esteem anxiety. Doom-laden anxiety. Probability-dictates-I’ll-never-feel-normal-again anxiety. Fun stuff.

Extremities: Pins and needles in hands and feet caused by a bolt of sudden unease. Angsty tingling. In no way pleasant and often followed by a strange, floppy numbness.  No lion at the mouth of the cave. No air sirens. Just life. And feelings. Fighting their way through you. I bet you thought you’d grow out of it, no?

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