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All I want for September

1. A bag of healthy coping mechanisms

Maybe that’s just me. Oh God, is it me? You are looking at me funny. Is it because I am a bad person? *shags neighbour/buys 25th pair of jeans/spends hours deep-scrolling-weeping over Instagram*

2. Comfortable shoes that don’t look comfortable

So I don’t look/feel/behave like Nurse Ratchett. So I don’t squeak down life’s corridors looking like I might lobotomise anyone who annoys me. Although…

3. Higher tolerance for caffeine

It would be nice not to feel that strange back of the eyeball tightening after just three triple shot soya milk lattes. Good not to feel the tingling extremeties and –holic tremor after the fifth. I just want all of the awake with none of the heart attack please.

4. A fully-functioning diary

Maybe I am synced to so many electronic calendars that nothing could possibly slip through the net, but it does. All the time. It ends up in the wrong colour, on the wrong day, in the wrong year. Back to analogue?

5. A new list

Enough of this monkey business. This September I am declaring a list amnesty. A clean slate. No recriminations. No regrets. Throw the old lists away. They are no longer working documents. Start again. Dare to hope.

6. To be better at saying no

Or even just, ‘I am terribly sorry I don’t think I will be able to do that because *inserts brilliant excuse that doesn’t sound like an excuse*’. Or even, ‘Let me check my diary’.

7. Some spontaneity

Yes, routine is comforting. Yes, we like our sofa best (even with the shabby feathers). But what about some fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants woo hoo? Just once or twice a year. With planning. Sorry.

8. Cashflow

Just a little breathing space would be fine. Not diamonds or private planes. But maybe a side return and some Isabel Marant Etoile. Plus new pants. And a decent colourist. And a trailer. Also winter sun. And taxis. Many, many taxis.

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