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90s songs you probably had sex to

  1. Wonderwall by Oasis. Your boyfriend’s attempts to align you as a couple with Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews. 
  2. More Than Words by Extreme. Hard to concentrate on what’s happening when you’re distracted by thoughts of how extremely cute those glossy Rapunzel-haired boys in Extreme were. Also hard not to break into the harmonies.
  3. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet. OK, so it’s disappointing that your boyfriend is not Hugh Grant in Four Weddings. Unless you keep your eyes firmly shut…
  4. U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. You’re no fun.
  5. I Touch Myself by Divinyls. Er, how else is he going to learn?
  6. Justify My Love by Madonna. Do not have drunk sex to this song on a table, with someone who is 6 foot 4 because that table will tip and crush your foot and then you’ll limp for a week and everyone will know and laugh at you (it’s much better now, thanks). 
  7. Kiss From a Rose by Seal. That phase where you went out with misunderstood, sexually-ambiguous boys who wore velvet frock coats and tiptoed around with Jacobean tragedies under one arm, only ever shagging you in one position and usually crying afterwards. 
  8. Gett Off by Prince. TWENTY-THREE positions in a one-night stand? You only know about four. What’s the little box with the mirror and the tongue inside? Some kind of game? How is anyone supposed to keep up with these impossible standards???
  9. You Oughta Know by Alanis Morrisette. You’re suddenly being shouted at by an angry betrayed woman and now wishing you’d bought something by the Lighthouse Family instead. 
  10. One by U2. The first time you faked an orgasm because the mix-tape he made you reached this song at the moment of truth and you didn’t want to go off-brand.
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