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9 things Midults are grateful for

Dear Universe. I am grateful for the many gifts you have bestowed on my life. Noticing things to appreciate is what will keep me in a positive vortex and help manifest the things I want. Even in the darkest moments, we must find a way to keep seeing the light. And so…

  1. I am grateful that I only sleep three non-consecutive hours a night. It’s an opportunity for me to revisit all my favourite songs from musicals and think about death, which is definitely coming by the way (except for me, which is interesting). #Truth
  2. I am grateful for David Attenborough, who can even make termites look glamorous. I am grateful for his voice and the surgeon who performed his knee operation because it means he can still climb trees and keep the axis of the world on an even keel. #Termites
  3. I am grateful for those extra large packets of Jaffa Cakes that you get at Christmas. It justifies having Christmas at all, just by itself. #Amen
  4. I am grateful for Melania Trump’s wardrobe, which at this moment in time, feels like it’s the only thing that’s going to get us through the next four years. #Trying
  5. I am grateful that I live in a Deliveroo delivery postcode. #CrispyDuckPancakes
  6. I am grateful for my hangover because it reminds me that feeling this exhausted can sometimes be a choice and not just something that is now my default setting in life. #HelpMe
  7. I am grateful for the full moon, when I can be an absolute monster and blame it on nature. #NotMyFault
  8. I am grateful for the fact that I keep crying for no reason because it would be worse if I was crying FOR a reason, like a moth had comprehensively made its way through my cashmere drawer/they cancelled The Crown after only one season. #Hormones
  9. I am grateful for Ant and Dec and I have been since Byker Grove, even through the singing part, which was actually just kind of endearing and yes, I WOULD marry Dec and I’m grateful to have that benchmark to measure all future candidates against. #SmallButConcentrated
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