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9 films… to watch when you’re fuming

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Talk to the title, yeah? Charlize Theron is a bald, badass, one-armed father-fucker with a monster truck full of supermodels and she Does Not Give A Shit.

2. The Brave One

Basically Charles Bronson’s Death Wish – but for ladies. Jodie Foster is all upset when she and her boyfriend get mugged in New York and he gets beaten to death. Until she buys a massive gun and turns vigilante on their ass.

3. 8-Mile

Because sometimes you need to rap it out. Everyone who was there in the Nineties has an Eminem inside them. Unleash your inner shouty teenager.

4. Bride Wars

Stupid, stupid sexist film that degrades stars Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson (as cat-fighting bridezillas) and everyone who watches it and basically humankind. We hate it and we hate its hair and we hate that we kind of want to watch it again. Advice: when you throw things at the screen, keep them soft and non-food-based.

5. Up

The opening 5-minute marriage montage is guaranteed to disarm any rage and dissolve you in a puddle of tears. Up will then rebuild and reboot you. Such is the power of really, really amazing cartoons. Plus the dog is, like, really funny.

6. Gladiator

At my signal, unleash hell” RRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

7. Kill Bill

Kill Bill, kill everyone! Uma Thurman elegantly slaughters her bloody way through around 70 people (we lost count) with a ruddy great samurai sword. Fume on that, bitch.

8. Falling Down

For anyone who’s almost had a road rage aneurysm sitting in a traffic jam. Michael Douglas attempts dowdy in this hymn to the frustrated Midult man.

9. Breakfast At Tiffany’s

“Ooh, look at me! I’m Holly Golightly! So skinny! I’m so winsome! I’m such an impossible Pretty Woman male fantasy of prostitution! Hark at my infuriatingly yearnsome singing! Mooooon Riiiver” SHUT UP AUDREY. OK, possibly I’m alone on this one.

By Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, @larushka_iz

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