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21 things we think about at 2am

  1. I feel that twinge again. Is my root canal failing? Am I failing? Am I a failure? Also what happens if my root canal fails? *shudders* False teeth. £££££££££££
  2. Should I get out of bed? Should I read a book? No I am reading The Dry which is freaking me out. OK, poetry. Poetry. Oh FFS.
  3. Why did I sleep with all those heinous boys when I was working in that department store in the Christmas holidays? Self-esteem. None. Poor that girl. Poor me.
  5. Need to email the accountant about my tax return.
  6. Did I even watch those last few episodes of Fargo? How can I not remember?
  7. My roots need doing. How many weeks is it since the last appointment? Two? Three? Maybe it’s time to just give up.
  8. Shall I get another tattoo?
  9. THE LIST. Make the list, make the list or you will be behind. On everything. More behind. Big behind.
  10. Hungry.
  11. Do the gutters need cleaning? Is that a thing we have to think about now? How is the roof holding up? Are the windows rotten? Like my soul.
  12. Oh my goodness, I haven’t texted so and so for ages. They will hate me. They hate me. But if I text will I then have to arrange to see them?
  13. Thirsty.
  14. Norfolk with Melanie Rice in 1984. Was it Norfolk? Was it Ireland? What happened to Melanie Rice? She was mean. I hope she’s miserable.
  15. No I don’t no I don’t no I don’t. Bad karma. Need as much karma as poss. Cancer.
  16. What shall I do for my birthday?
  17. That dress. Should I buy it? Why didn’t I buy it? It’s the perfect dress. Isn’t it? I bet it’s sold out. Shall I check online? No. Blue light bad. Screen time bad. Will never go back to sleep.
  18. Will never go back to sleep.
  19. Where are my swimming goggles?
  20. What’s that noise? Murderer? Damn that scary book.
  21. I need the loo. If I get up will I lose all the tired? I am awake though. But still should I move? Also THE MURDERER.
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