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10 things you only know if you are a single Midult

  1. Good friends will think they are being inclusive when they ask you to join for coffee after a dinner party (you mess up the numbers).
  2. Married women can’t decide if you are pathetic or dangerous.
  3. Nor can married men…
  4. When people call you brave it’s not a compliment.
  5. Unless a man is gay, married or dead if you don’t like him you are ‘impossibly picky’.
  6. You: ‘He beat up his ex-wife’. Friend: ‘People change’.
  7. You’ll see your friends’ husbands on Tinder…
  8. …for the five minutes that you are on Tinder – you can’t deal with the concept of disposable people after 40.
  9. It’s irrelevant if you have a cat or not.
  10. It’s amazing how many relationships you don’t envy.
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