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10 lines… to avoid on a first date

  1. “No fries for me, thank you, I’ll just share his.”
  2. “There’s clearly a reason you haven’t been snapped up – better tell me what’s wrong with you straight away.”
  3. “Yes, that’s my phone beeping – it’s just to tell me I’m ovulating.”
  4. “Some people don’t let their dogs sleep in their beds, which I just think is barbaric.”
  5. “If I say Honey, you say – ?”
  6. “I don’t keep running to the bathroom because I’m nervous. It’s because I’ve got raging cystitis.”
  7. “What commitment in a relationship means to me is a house in London, a house in the country, two skiing holidays a year, a diamond-based push-present for every birth, private education for my children, a full-time nanny and a personal trainer. What about you?”
  8. “Can you just read this text from my ex? Does it sound aggressive or flirtatious to you?”
  9. “I’m vehhhhhhy vehhhhhhhy drunk. Dutch courage (said in a French accent) and all that (tapping the side of your nose).”
  10. You look tired.”
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